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Many people always think to help the poor people/poor students but they couldn't help them out due to many reasons. We were also thinking the same.

But one fine day on 20 Aug 2010 we decided to do something for the poor. That day we've started this Suryasevasamithi with three members initially. We've launched our own website also with a LOGO of HELPING HANDS.

Our SURYA SEVA SAMITHI is here to help the poor and the needy by providing SUPPPORT FOR EDUCATION, and we are here to REMOVE THE HUNGER of the poor people with the assistance of many of our friends and also people who are interested in social service.

So, dear friends we hope you all would join your HELPFULL HANDS with us to fight against the poverty. Thank you.

With the assistance of our members and friends only its possible for us. Thanks to all.

Our web site: www.suryasevasamithi.blogspot.com


We are on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut also.

Donated lunch for The United Orphanage for the Disabled

       On 03 Jun 2012 Our Surya Seva Samithi have donated lunch for the United Orphanage for the Diasbaled where around 110 mentally and physically challenged orphans are getting homage.